Monday, April 29, 2013

Dioxin is a killer

Regarding A statement by Jim Riddle in the book Ghost Platoon:

"We all died in that war only difference is it’s taken us longer to stop breathing which one veteran believes he was referring to Agent Orange, would be a reasonable assumption; and sadly a profound but true observation by Jim.

Dioxin is a killer "period" and Governmental attempt to sanitize this fact is straight out B.S. and I wouldn't fertilize my gardens with it Folks.

The NZ Government where party to the knowledge of what IWD was producing and what was being shipped; and it was thousands of liters to American Staging grounds to on ship to Vietnam.
Goodness the CEO of IWD at that time came forward 30 years later and admitted they were manufacturing Agent Orange for the War. In addition, surplus drums of this toxic poison was buried in the earth of New Plymouth.

IWD poisoned a whole community of people who resided or daily worked in proximity to the IWD plant from the early 60's to 1988.
April 1986: after the bursting disc failure resulted in IWD having to substantiate the figures of the volumes of raw dioxin emitted in the incident, IWD choose the option to cease manufacture and never provided and evidences to back their claims of the little volume they said was emitted.

Smells like more B.S. and covering of dirty footprints to me.

To this day the NZ Government health system will not acknowledge the real list of health effects caused by exposure to dioxin, nor will its insurer ACC; nor will they accept out of IWD Plant claims for work related exposure to workers whom worked in close proximity.
Well not yet but that’s being worked on. 
New Plymouth Civilians and Vietnam Veterans alike have experiences: 

Justice and Fairness have absolutely no correlation to politics or Commerce”, nor is the Law bent on Justice and Fairness it is wired for the Rich and Powerful to manipulate coerce and press down any contender whom campaigns against their unjust and corrupt practices. 

Whatever ideals or fantasies we held from childhood about the Law and Order and Justice and Fairness quickly has its bubble burst when one wages war against these perpetrators?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Western Australian 1980's

Western Australian Agricultural Protection Board (APB) used herbicide around the 1980's in the Kimberley region supplied to the workers in second hand unmarked drums. 

This was contrary to the Poisons Act. Samples taken from the suspect batch indicated a dioxin (2,3,7,8-TCDD) component of around 2600 times greater than the allowable limit implemented during the spraying program.

Workers reported completely different physical characteristics of the suspect material when compared with normal 245-T. Workers advise that one delivery alone of this chemical was enough to supply the Kimberley program for at least 15 years.

The supreme toxicity of this dioxin is undisputed. See our other notes in the website.

At the time of use, several workers became ill.

A short while later the first of many premature deaths started occurring, together with birth deformities of babies fathered by former APB workers.

More than 20 years later...

the illnesses and deaths continue. 90 affected workers were interviewed, about 50 are already dead. Many dying in their 30s and 40s.

What has the WA Government done for its former workers and families?

The workers have been fighting for more than 20 years to seek justice and compensation.

No government employee has been charged with the criminal activity that allegedly caused this continuing tragedy.

At the time of use when workers complained of illnesses and injury being inflicted upon them and sought an alternative, APB management wrote that adverse publicity is not a valid reason to discontinue use.

Furthermore, the letter continues that the writer does not support the workers undertaking any research about 245-T.
It is well known among the former workers that they were told, "It was safe enough to drink".

Despite the many deaths, total and permanent disabilities, birth defects, and ongoing illnesses the government has not even provided the basic Workers Compensation entitlements.

The government has conducted several inquiries while more workers die. Yet still will not accept the evidence or responsibility of supplying its own workforce illegally, contrary to its own regulations, with an unknown substance. Unknown, because it was unmarked.
The workers substantiate the physical difference of normal 245-T and the product supplied.

Federal Tariff investigation proved a significant quantity of off-specification herbicide (Toxic waste) was imported prior to delivery of the suspected material to Derby.

The story of the Derby workers is repeated in Queensland and Yarram in Victoria.

Tracing the supply of the so-called "rogue batch" always comes back to the same complaints, same material description, and same importation source.

Still the WA Government says there is not sufficient evidence, even though they should be alarmed by their own assertions that the material has somehow "disappeared into thin air".

Once again, check out the toxicity of this stuff on this page. Wouldn't you want to know where it is?